We provide all the services regular accountants do, including personal and business tax accounting, for both one-off and long-term clients.

Our difference is simple – We choose to focus our services on property investors, builders, and tradies.

Why do we specialise?

Because we know what we do best. For many years, we practised as generalist accountants. More and more, we found we were attracting property investors, builders, developers and trades. That meant we knew stuff regular accountants didn’t.

With each new client, our industry expertise grew. The building trades are unique and complex. The layers of compliance and regulation don’t exist elsewhere.

Here… Vanilla, Generic Business Advice Just Doesn’t Cut It.

In 2013, we turned our focus specifically to our professional sweet spot: property investors, builders and tradies. Our professional development and research targets the same industry segments, making us expert advisors who are both proactive and practical in how we help you.

Our Services

We understand that you have a wide range of accounting needs. Not all your money matters relate to being an investor, property developer, builder or tradie. So we provide a full range of accounting services, meaning you don’t need to engage two accountants. We can do your personal tax or business tax, as well as the more complex company tax work, making sure that you get the best outcomes across them all.

Accounting and taxation for SMEs

Financial statements, tax returns, BAS statements and bookkeeping; advice on PAYG compliance, Capital Tax Gains, Fringe Benefits Tax, and Payroll Tax; business advisory including KPIs, industry benchmarking, asset protection, profit & loss, cash flow, budgeting, risk management and business valuation

Accounting and taxation for individuals

Tax returns and advice on tax minimisation, deductions, tax planning, finance, insurance and investment options

Business structuring

Advice on the most effective structure for your business/entity

Investment services

Advice on superannuation, SMSFs, property investment, investment finance (via broker)

Accounting for property investors

Property Information Sessions; Numbers Hotline; help sourcing the right property; tax minimisation; depreciation schedules; network referrals for advice on finance, insurance, conveyancing and more

Our Pricing

We quote fees payable for any of our services upfront, so you know exactly what you’re paying before we start the work. We will provide you itemised costs and you can choose the level of work we do for you.

You’ll know how much you’re paying, what you’re paying for and what to expect. Our fees are fixed, so there are no surprises, whether we’re preparing a simple tax return or helping you with a complex business re-structure.