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Buying an investment property ranks right up there in life’s big-ticket purchases. Most property investors are looking for financial independence, security and long-term returns. Often it’s the dream of a pension-free retirement.

In Australia, six per cent of the adult population owns a residential investment property. Yet, only a few (less than half a per cent) own three or more properties. Property has proven to be a sound wealth creation strategy, decade on decade.

So how can you get started in the market without coming unstuck? The answer is to learn the ropes before you begin. Get clever, get confident and get the rewards.

Property Investment Information Sessions

As specialist CPAs, we know that property only makes sense when the numbers make sense. If not, it’s just a gamble.

We’ve designed our property investment info sessions to give you a common-sense look at how the numbers work so you can go in with your eyes wide open, whether you’re a first-time investor or already in the market.

Brett Bell, CPA, shares his own experiences as a property investor (he’s in that top half a per cent of Australians who own three or more properties) plus examples of real properties and how the numbers add up.

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One-on-one Advice

Every property and every investor is different.

Are you a set-and-forget, a keep-me-informed or a hands-on DIY-type investor?

What are you worth, how much can you afford to spend and do the numbers add up on that just-listed property you have in your sights?

At Bell Group Accounting, we know what you need to know and can help get you started. We offer a free no-obligation consultation with one-on-one advice from a CPA specialising in property. Questions answered. Tips and knowhow shared.

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