Sourcing and purchasing the right property

Any property purchase is a big step and a hefty commitment. The stakes are high and poor decisions can bring you unstuck. Fast.

If you’re just starting out, you’re probably lost. Where do I buy? How much do I pay? What returns will I get? How can I save tax and get better returns? Can I really afford to do this?

As specialist accountants, we can answer all your questions, help you source and purchase the right property, and teach you how to be a clever and confident investor.

We’ve helped our clients purchase more than 500 properties and are active property investors ourselves.

We draw on our professional knowhow and first-hand experience to provide a complete range of accounting services to support property investors, whether you’re a novice or own multiple properties.

The numbers hotline

Let us crunch the numbers for you. We’ve helped our clients purchase more than 500 properties.

For any property, we can tell you how much you should pay to purchase and estimate your return based on your personal financial situation.

As CPAs, we can answer your questions about any aspect of property investing and put you in touch with our network of professionals in conveyancing, finance and more.

Come pick our brains.

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Let us find the right property for you

Even if you know what you’re doing and have plenty of spare time, finding the right investment property can be a gruelling task. The real estate listings seem endless and less than realistic. Then there’s the weekends spent traipsing from one inspection to the next, while not really knowing what you’re looking for.

Why not hand over the process to us? We’ll help you work out exactly what sort of investment property you want and then set about finding it, using our specialist property software and network of professionals. We’ll do the numbers, make sure they add up for you and work out what returns you can expect. Too easy.

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Let Us Handle the Purchase For You

Over twenty years of property investing we’ve built up a strong network of property professionals who can help take care of the purchase details for you. Price negotiation, help with getting the best finance deals, conveyancing, insurance valuations – we can arrange it all, and more, through our people network.

For you, that means less running around, less stress and the security of knowing you are always dealing with people you can trust.

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