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Successful property investment is all about the numbers

…Yet that’s where most people come unstuck.
Our accountant’s perspective and “eyes wide open” approach gives you knowledge and confidence to be an effective property investor.

Become a clever property investor

The idea of property investment is daunting. You’ve seen the super-success stories, heard the spruikers and their get-rich-quick schemes that make it sound easy. But do the numbers really add up?

What you need is down-to-earth advice you can trust, so you understand the real pitfalls and opportunities. As specialist CPAs, we know that property only makes sense when the numbers make sense. If not, it’s just a gamble.

We’ve designed our property investment info sessions to give you a common-sense look at how the numbers work so you can go in with your eyes wide open, whether you’re a first-time investor or already in the market.

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Source property where the numbers add up

Every property and every investor is different. The key is finding a property where the numbers add up for you and your situation.

We’ll run the numbers (the ones that count) on any property you’re looking at or help you source a suitable property through our industry contacts. If you need guidance through the purchase process or help negotiating finance or insurance, we’re with you there, too.

As specialist accountants, we’ll help you understand:

  • What you’re worth and how much you can borrow
  • What the property’s really worth
  • The actual return you can expect
  • How you can maximise your return and minimise your tax
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The Numbers

Let us crunch the numbers for you

We’ve helped our clients purchase more than 500 properties.

For any property, we can tell you how much you should pay to purchase and estimate your return based on your personal financial situation.

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Maximise your return with integrated advice

If you’re investing in property, you’ll need to bring your long game. The real wins come from running the numbers long-term so you make the most of your investment, year on year.

Our specialist accounting services will help keep your investment on track over the distance:

  • Structuring options to maximise returns and protect your assets
  • Ongoing tax advice, tax minimisation, tax return preparation
  • Portfolio review
  • Property trusts and self managed super funds
  • Depreciation and building write-off
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